Frequently asked questions


Please contact us and we can walk you through the process. We'll need to know the usage and where and how the design will be displayed. Then we can recommend different print solutions and give you an estimate.

There are many different graphic design software for artwork, if you have no design capabilities we can help with creating or modifying artwork.  High resolution images are always best, and vector art is needed to cut vinyl from.

We can package and ship anywhere.  Also local areas can be hand delivered.  Installation can be provided, depending on the job and accessibility.

For most jobs, once the artwork is approved, our turnaround time is about 48 hours for production. For higher quantity and labor intensive projects, timing is worked out with the client directly.

We provide all types of raised lettering and graphics for exterior and interior signage use.  We have an in-house CNC-Router to custom cut letters and graphics out of various materials.

Yes, we print using Eco-solvent inks that depending on the print media, are water and fade resistant.  For most exterior use we also can apply a UV overlaminate extending the fade resistance to years.

We generally encourage graphics to be installed on the outside, for a few reasons. The main reason for this is visibility. There will always be glare coming from the window, making them harder to see. If there is any window tinting, they’ll be very dark from the outside. Also, if there is window tinting, and the tint film is on the inside (usually the case), it will void any warranty on that film by putting graphics onto it. If you ever change the graphics, it will probably pull tinting film off.  Perforated and solid vinyl graphics have adhesive on the back so need to be applied to the outside of the window.  Window clings also work best on the outside of the glass.  Banners can be hung on the inside from rods and wires depending on building make-up.

If you’re worried that someone will pick at them, we’ve found that it is rare but if you’re in a high traffic area where it happens, window scratched, etc, we can look at doing something on the inside.  They’re on the outside at most locations and we have yet to have a complaint of people pulling the graphics off of a window.

Traditionally, everyone thinks there is only 1 size for everything, but "POSTER" size means different sizes to different people.  A typical poster and frame from your craft and hobby store is 24" x 36", but from an event sign holder at a shopping mall is 22" x 28".  Bottom line, poster size is any size to fit the frame or use you need the print for.  Banners can be any size needed for the event or space you have to display them.  Since printable banner vinyl comes in wide rolls, the final banner can be any size.